San&Jun organizes and produces art exhibitions and large-scale cultural events in partnership with institutions, cities, public and private spaces, curators and galleries.

Our experience allows us to manage artists, curate art exhibitions, produce and install artworks and monumental installations, organize academic seminars and prestigious openings.


San&Jun collaborates with real estate developers and brands willing to enhance their image through a creative association with artists.

We analyze the corporate identity of the client, propose a selection of artist portfolios or curated exhibition, commission and manage the artists, coordinate production and installation of temporary or permanent artworks, produce tours, generate artistic events and public relations.


San&Jun creates custom-made art travels in China and Europe for institutions, curators, collectors, art and music amateurs, passionate about the discovery of a culture off the beaten tracks.

We introduce a careful selection of the most relevant actors and places of the contemporary art scene, meet with emerging and established artists, eminent scholars and institutions and we give the opportunity to experience personal encounters with important collectors.